Knysna Fires   |   7 June 2017

Knysna Fire Stories


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Knysna, South Africa

On the morning of the 7th of June 2017 a series of fires broke out in the small coastal holiday town of Knysna, spreading as far afield as Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth. 7 Lives were lost, over 400 homes were destroyed, and many thousands of people were evacuated from their suburbs. The fire has been called the worst disaster of its kind in recent South African history.

This is where Knysna Fire Stories comes in...

Knysna Fire Stories is a coffee-table commemorative book on the Knysna fires. Its function is to collect, collate and publish individual and news accounts in a timeline spanning from 7 June 2017 into the future. As a fundraising vehicle, Knysna Fire Stories hopes to assist in the enhancement of Knysna’s Firefighting ability, aid the tourism sector and provide assistance to rebuilding Knysna - thereby cementing its place in the legacy of Knysna.

An accurate presentation of one of the worst fire disasters in South African History, Knysna Fire Stories documents the events chronologically, from the human perspective, through written first-hand accounts, photographs and even video in a DVD sleeve at the end of the book.

Knysna Fire Stories covered...

In Memoriam

A dedication to those who lost their lives

The calm before

Preparing for the worst storm in 75 years


Fire breaks out in Knysna

Ring of Fire

Flames engulf the town on all sides

Call of Duty

The firefighters and community respond

Blaze of Glory

Fighting the fire and gaining control

One for all, all for one

Generosity and a community standing together

Scorched Earth

Sifting through the ashes

Knysna Rises

The rebuilding of Knysna, South Africa

Be a part of Knysna's Legacy...

A high quality coffee table book

Knysna Fire Stories will again be available from Shepherd's Tree Coffee Shop (61 Waterfront Drive, Knysna). Call us on 044 382 2066 to get your copy!

#KnysnaRises - A town's unbreakable spirit

Closely linked to the #KnysnaRises campaign, Knysna Fire Stories will claim its place in rebuilding Knysna, even stronger than before.

A Fundraising Initiative

All proceeds from the Knysna Fire Stories book will go towards the establishment and gear, training and maintenance of the Knysna Fire Rangers: a volunteer fire protection organisation.

Knysna Fire Stories DVD

Included in your purchase of Knysna Fire Stories is a DVD containing a collection of accounts, video footage and additional photographs.