About the Team

All-local professionals.

Justine Edwards

Professional Photographer and Founder
Justine is a Knysna local, who, during the Knysna fires, experienced and witnessed heart-warming acts of selfless kindness, which was the inspiration behind this book. Her love of Knysna continues to spur her to pick up her camera and photograph a variety of genres, mostly people, who she believes are the best subjects. A camera and a cup of tea in either hand is how most of her days are filled. She is active in a number of local charities since moving to the town 15 years ago. Justine has two sons and lives with her husband in Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna.

Dominic Morel

Brand Professional and Co-founder
Resident of Knysna since 2000, Dominic is the owner and creative at 2Heads Advertising – a small but dynamic agency that tends to the needs of both local and International clients. He is firmly rooted in the local community, exporting ideas and products and importing tourists, business and even live music (he is passionate about SA Music and co-founder of the local Blues Festival brands). Dominic lives in what he calls his ‘little paradise’ with animal-loving wife Lucy, 4 cats, 4 dogs, 2 pigs and ‘incalculable’ Koi. He was extremely active over the period of the Knysna fires – firefighting, chainsawing fallen trees, volunteering at aid venues, delivering aid and moderating 3 WhatsApp groups.

Andrew Aveley

Professional Photographer, Canon Educator and Co-founder
Andrew Aveley has been a Knysna local since 1984 and has developed and managed various businesses over time, until he finally decided to follow his dream of being a full time Photographic Professional. He now leads bespoke travel safaris to African wildlife and nature destinations, sharing his knowledge and skills. In Knysna he conducts photographic training, workshops and commercial commissions. Along with his involvement in NSRI Knysna, he has personal experience with fighting wildfires in the Garden Route over the years.

John Noble

Project Manager
John is an enabler, with an interest in developing people and enterprises. He directs Eden Community Initiative (NPO) which seeks to stimulate social transformation through economic growth in rural areas. The initiative owns a number of local enterprises through a private enterprise development agency BizRev, including Kluyts & Co, a furniture manufacturing company. Always thinking, reading, writing, drawing and crafting, he is passionate about  value-adding producers. He is married to Tania, his childhood sweetheart. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Emma Broadway

Editorial Manager
Living mostly on her surfboard in Plettenberg Bay, Emma can typically be found drinking tea or a sneaky blonde ale. With a heart rooted in loving her community, she is fascinated by the geographies of people's lives and stories, and passionate about giving them a voice. After completing a Bsc Honours in Environmental & Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town, Emma's passion for social and environmental justice has led her to work for various NPO's in Cape Town, and currently, the Eden Community Initiative in Knysna.

Francois Geldenhuys

Financial Manager
Francois is a Financial Manager, business administration specialist and tax practitioner, and has held directorship of various companies. Although, his part-time job involves fulfilling his role as Emma's all-in-one uncle, with a bottle of wine and a great sense of humour in hand. Francois aims to share his business and leadership skills to uplift leaders and staff alike, instilling a revolutionary form of good business practice and etiquette.

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