By submitting a story you agree to the following

Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting images, art work, video, music, sound recordings and words to the Knysna Fire Stories project, participants confirm that they have agreed to the terms and conditions of submission and use.

2. Content that is submitted to Knysna Fire Stories should be in the highest resolution possible, and not exceed 10 MB in size. The organizers cannot be held responsible for submissions that do not arrive due to a contestant’s internet security settings or restrictions placed by their internet service provider or that are incorrectly submitted.

3. Submissions must be received by midnight CAT on Saturday 30 September 2017 or such date as advertised by Knysna Fire Stories.

4. All entries must be the original work of the participant and the participant must exclusively own all copyright and have not contravened any privacy rules in obtaining the content.

5. Participants grant Knysna Fire Stories and their sponsorship partner’s non-exclusive permission to publish their submitted images in all their online media and social media channels, in association with the Knysna Fire Stories project, without compensation of any kind to the participant. In addition, by making submissions, the entrant grants the organizers a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish and communicate to the public by any means, in all media throughout the world, including event activations, in relation to the Knysna Fire Stories project.

6. Participants grant Knysna Fire stories non-exclusive permission to publish their images in a printed book and DVD to be published, without compensation of any kind to the participant.

7. Entrants agree that they will participate in related publicity and agree to the use of their name and likeness for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity of the Knysna Fires Stories, without compensation.

8. Knysna Fire Stories regret that they cannot accept liability for the misuse of images and/or failure of any third party to credit photographs.
9. Your submissions confirms that all necessary rights, model releases or consents which may be required for reproduction, are obtained and it is acknowledged that Knysna Fire Stories gives no warranty or undertaking that any such rights, releases or consents are or will be obtained whether in relation to the use of names, people, trademarks, registered or copyright designs or buildings, works of art depicted in any content.  Your submission shall indemnify Knysna Fire Stories against any loss, damage, proceedings or costs where such rights, releases or consents have not been obtained.

10. Entries must be submitted in JPG or PNG format as per the requirements for detailed reproduction. No borders, watermarks or signatures should be included on submitted images.

11. Submissions should be a faithful representation of the original scene. Localized adjustments should be used appropriately. The objective is to remain faithful to the original experience, and to never deceive the viewer or misrepresent the reality. Knsyna Fire Stories reserves the right to crop, edit and adjust images and any other form of submission as required for creative purposes and use in the project.

12. Knysna Fire Stories organizers reserve the right to refuse content that in their sole judgment is unsuitable for publishing in this project, for whatever reason they deem fit.

13. The decision of Knysna Fire Stories on all matters relating is final and binding. No negotiation will be considered.

14. Knysna Fire Stories acknowledges that the promotion of the Knysna Fire Stories is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.

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